Case Study: AI Sourcing Employed Across Geographies


Our client’s recruitment objective was to start a remote business analyst team while aiming to explore suitable candidates in two different geographical locations, India and Costa Rica.


Instead of running two different sourcing requisitions, the client was able to employ JoinEight’s AI capabilities to build parallel talent sourcing funnels in both countries. This allowed them to look for the most qualified applicants for the existing remote business analyst position in a centralized manner and using only one recruiting campaign (one set of parameters). Especially in remote-enable positions, where the qualifications and expectations do not change with the location, it is beneficial to employ a single sourcing platform. The only variable parameter is the candidates’ location. This allowed the hiring manager to have a centralized, real-time overview of the hiring process and translated into an offset of financial and time costs. JoinEight’s AI technology facilitated the client’s recruitment process, improved the outcome, and ensured a smooth and efficient path from vacancy to onboarding.


The client successfully hired a business analyst for their single remote position while tap into two separate talent pools, each with a wealth of opportunities and diversity.

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