Case Study: Endless Funnel


A rapidly growing company in the San Francisco Bay area projected they needed to add 5 additional professionals for the same engineering role. The client realized they needed a continuous supply of candidates to screen the most qualified professionals to fill multiple positions. The problem was particularly challenging as the new engineers were required in a short time frame to support the company’s customer growth.


The company utilized the JoinEight platform solution to compress the hiring process and deliver the most qualified candidates for the positions while utilizing multiple sources. The main issue was that they needed a continuous funnel of candidates so that the hiring process could progress smoothly without any breaks in momentum. Using data points defined by the client, the JoinEight solution found ideal candidates with agility and efficiency to match the job campaigns based on their profile. Every candidate accessed by the client was well-sourced and deeply analyzed, ensuring 80-100% accuracy and engagement.

Since the detailed job descriptions were identical for all the five open roles, JoinEight’s job campaign software replicated the requirements. This made it easier to find candidates best suited for the roles and keep the funnel flowing until they completed all the hires.


  • Employing JoinEight’s automated campaign tools and Artificial Intelligence technology, the company was able to synchronize and improve the level of engagement between hiring managers and candidates.
  • The improved engagement between hiring managers and candidates resulted in a continuous funnel of candidates to consider for open opportunities.
  • Immediate and constant bot contacts automatically delivered by the JoinEight platform ensured the candidates remained engaged and moved ahead through each screening and interview process steps.
  • The client saved money and resources on tedious work like sourcing, calibrating, predicting, and reaching out to candidates.
  • All 5 engineers were identified, contacted, interviewed, and hired in less than 90 days.

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