Put Your Hiring on Autopilot

Save resources on tedious work like sourcing, calibrating, predicting, and reaching out to candidates. JoinEight’s platform automatically takes care of your administrative work. Our algorithm predicts candidates based on the data points provided by you. Simultaneously, the automated system finds and learns from your behavior to get candidates who best match your open campaign. Say goodbye to old sourcing tools. Say hello to AI-based sourcing.

We are the AI lead generator for hire, saving you money and time, and increasing your productivity by 85%. No longer do companies need to be dependent on expensive hiring tools, agencies, and a vast empire of recruiters to source candidates.

How it Works

Continuous Pipeline

Our algorithm keeps learning and refreshing to bring you the most accurate results at any time. By understanding recruiter patterns, it keeps searching to ensure only the best matches are shown

Diverse Funnel

By eliminating human biases, our AI can quickly shift through tons of candidate profiles and brings you the most qualified and talented candidates from diverse backgrounds.


Candidate Engagement

Recruiters can take the load off their shoulders by having an automated funnel this way, they can focus more on engaging the candidates with the company.


Brand Engagement

With the robust outreach involved in the recruitment funnel, you capture highly qualified candidates and improve the company’s perception of the marketplace. You not only get your pipeline filled but also enhance your brand image to your candidates.


Positive Social Presence

Everyone wants to be a part of the company where employees’ matters are prioritized. The positive feedback from the recruitment process encourages candidates to apply for positions.



At any scale in real-time

Our AI platform is compatible with all areas of any corporate business. Currently, our platform also supports corporate hiring with no consulting firms. We connect all your existing tools and platforms to create the most powerful sourcing tool.

Our unique differentiator

Our AI platform is built from the ground up, blending machine learning with complex algorithms to look forward and predict what hiring managers and recruiters want.

Data privacy

We take privacy very seriously. In no case is your data shared with anyone else. Once you close your account, the data stays in our platform for 90 days (in case you need it), and after that it's deleted.

Supercharge Your Recruiting with JoinEight

JoinEight’s groundbreaking sourcing intelligence platform works dynamically to create a chain of networks that powers your candidate pool. This enables you to find top global candidates, which you won’t find in any other tool or hiring platform. We give you the complete candidate picture. You also get analytics and reports on the tools that are generating the best candidate leads for your organization. With this data, you can optimize your recruiting services and get actionable insights on people, roles, and talent pools. JoinEight’s technology captures current and historical trends across multiple data points, so you have all the information you need to streamline your future hiring. Say hello to Sourcing Intelligence, which lets you auto-generate your unique predictive report in less than 5 minutes and increases your productivity by 85%.

Trusted Hiring Strategy

Broad search, recruiting agent, and collaborative partnerships.

AI-Sourced & Human-Audited Funnel

Your data needs human interaction for human-like results to make a qualified hire.

Optimized Resources

Accurate candidate funnel building and immediate chatbot outreach.

Drive efficiency

Automate the process of developing an actionable and data-driven strategy.

Why JoinEight

JoinEight is a laser-focused sourcing intelligence platform designed to optimize recruitment’s most time-intensive and inefficient bottlenecks – sourcing, matching, and administrative tasks.

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