Build and automate your recruiting engine.

Automate your sourcing process with a self- optimizing engine

Smart Analytics

Get granular real-time reporting and analytics on every aspect of your candidate review and engagement process.

Insights applied autonomously

Immediate bot reach out, ensuring the candidate stays engaged and moves ahead to the interview process.

How it Works

Autonomous Fine-Tuning

Dynamic prospecting AI engine constantly analyzes your prospect journey and sales activity, making real-time changes to your account and persona selection and prioritization.

Granular Insights

Get insights into what’s working – which personas are more responsive and through which channel and what messaging works for whon.

Teach The Algorithm

Give the machine your real-time input and feedback at any stage – to narrow or expand targeting, to balance out outreach channels or to set follow up flows, constantly closing the loop and bettering the autonomous fine-tuning.

You've never experienced productivity like JoinEight.

Within a small time frame you’ll wonder how you ever did your sourcing without it.

What Our Clients Say

John Sackett, Recruiter

“I was definitely intrigued by the idea of tapping into the passive talent pool. It is incredibly rewarding to be able to reach out to a top prospective hire and make them an offer they truly cannot refuse, knowing very well that their career path is aligned with your available opportunities. I believe that makes for the beginning of a rewarding relationship on both sides.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How do campaigns work?

JoinEight uses data points (instead of job descriptions) to make sure candidates are matched with open positions accurately, based on experience, skills, and potential, most often not included in resumes or applications but mapped out by the powerful AI technology).

What is the life cycle of a campaign?

Once a campaign is set up and running, every decision you make will be fed back into the system, which will become smarter, faster, and better aligned with your company’s objectives and needs. This means that the older a campaign is, the more efficient and less time-consuming it becomes.

Does JoinEight replace the recruiter?

Not at all, on the contrary. By using automated systems and machine learning for tedious, repetitive tasks, we make sure Human Resources teams and recruitment specialists will be able to focus more on strengthening personal relationships with prospective hires.

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